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Meet Germany’s Lord of the Drones (POLITICO)

By Gian Volpicelli · Jun 20, 2024 Florian Seibel has seen the future of war — and it has robots in it. He now wants to convince Ukraine — and Europe — that they need to embrace autonomous weapons. A former helicopter pilot in the German army, 44-year-old Seibel is the chief executive of Quantum […]

In the Blind Spot (A Truss-style stitch-up for France?)

  SNEAK PEEK   — Why this week’s petrodollar 50th anniversary “fake news” saga demonstrates a major misunderstanding about what really empowers the dollar.  — China is issuing ultra-long bonds at 2.53 percent, but is it a sign of strength or weakness? — We check in on Russell Napier’s prophetic warnings about why France, not […]

In the Blind Spot (A tale of two Chinas)

SNEAK PEEK — A tale of two Chinas. Izzy explores our growing inability to make sense of what’s really happening in China. — SocGen’s Albert Edwards thinks the recession everyone was expecting but never came, might finally have arrived. — Dario updates us on the latest with the Red Sea and Horn of Africa. Happy […]

In the Blind Spot (Carthago delenda est)

  SNEAK PEEK — Dario delves into what constitutes the “state of exception” in the democratic world. — Who is Holland’s new prime minister Dick Schoof really? — Tunisia’s fledgling democracy is experiencing a few setbacks. Happy Sunday afternoon, and to those of you fielding half-term, well done. It’s over now. You’ve now got about […]

A (not so) brief ‘criminal’ history of the ECB (POLITICO)

 By Johanna Treeck, Carlo Boffa · May 28, 2024   FRANKFURT – Malta’s central bank chief Edward Scicluna was formally charged with fraud and misappropriation in court this week, joining an illustrious group of European Central Bank policymakers who have faced criminal charges, convictions or even jail time. Most such brushes with the law relate […]

In the Blind Spot (Defending the singleness of money)

  SNEAK PEEK — The BoE is edging towards a new liquidity management regime to preserve money singleness — it could have big consequences for repo markets. — Why are Argentina and Spain consumed by an unexpected diplomatic rift? Is it all about Sanchez’s wife, or is it about maintaining internal popularity? — Dario tries to […]

In the Blind Spot (Operational naked shorting)

  SNEAK PEEK   — Why is it so hard to get to the bottom of what’s really going on in Slovakia via Western reports? Dario investigates. — It turns out Elon Musk reformed Twitter just the way Jack Dorsey would have had he been able to take the company private himself.— Memestock hero Roaring […]

EIB, Brussels hatch plan to reduce defense investing stigma (POLITICO)

By Bjarke Smith-Meyer · May 16, 2024 There are four “sin stocks” that most European lenders won’t touch: Gambling, pornography, tobacco and weapons. But morality is a luxury many cash-strapped EU finance ministers can no longer afford as Russia pursues its war of attrition in Ukraine. Starved of weapons, policymakers across the bloc and in […]

In the Blind Spot (Why the entire economy is an influence op)

  SNEAK PEEK — Izzy argues that the real economy is being stifled by management techniques inherited from the activist and civil society realm that turns everything into a data-driven influence op. — Dario updates readers on the new space race to conquer the moon. — Why the Vatican has created a renAIssance foundation to […]