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WW3 Watch: Blind Spot OSINT (03/03/2022)

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From the daily chats curated by The Blind Spot community (in the last 24 hours-ish).

The conduct of the war:

  • Apparently a Russian OSINT map of Ukrainian positions, showing how heavily concentrated Ukrainian forces are on the Donna’s line.

  • France seizes Sechin yacht: (French customs have seized a yacht belonging to Rosneft boss Igor Sechin as it tried to leave the Mediterranean port of La Ciotat in a breach of EU sanctions on Russian oligarchs, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said.)
  • Prediction markets do their thing.
  • Russian truck maintenance is not optimal.
  • Is the West better at sanctions this time?
  • Follow the Russian-Ukraine monitor map.
  • About those Ukrainian biolabs: (I’ll have more on this in my newsletter, but the key to this issue is dual-use ambiguity and the fact that only trust can manage the situation.)

WW3 Watch

Politics and the economy

From the “Fake News” zone:

Thoughts percolating Izzy’s mind today:

  • Is Putin the Nasty Nick of geopolitics? (Sorry for typos)
  • What if Putin’s strategy is to carve up Ukraine using the Dnieper as a natural giant wall. And make the EU pay for it?
  • Will Russian sanctions stop the use of the London High Court as a weapon to gag critical journalism by oligarchs? And what happens to outstanding cases? How much suppressed material is likely to come once the weaponisation of legal systems is suspended?
  • How much kompromat is out there?
  • Is Bitcoin a dual-use weapon?
  • As Yuri Bezmenov says, is it time to unplug the bananas from our ears and realise the Cold War never ended?

  • How to deal with whataboutism: acknowledge we’re reckless, arrogant stupid dicks:

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