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WW3 Watch: Buy the MIC stonk rally?

Covid gave us the Stay at Home stonk trade. This peaked at the height of the Omicron panic in November (when yours truly was making predictions about a February gas squeeze), it then powerfully collapsed in January of 2021. Almost like, err, capital knew it would have to go on the hunt for a new […]

WW3 Watch: Blind Spot OSINT (03/03/2022)

From the daily chats curated by The Blind Spot community (in the last 24 hours-ish). The conduct of the war: Apparently a Russian OSINT map of Ukrainian positions, showing how heavily concentrated Ukrainian forces are on the Donna’s line. France seizes Sechin yacht: (French customs have seized a yacht belonging to Rosneft boss Igor Sechin […]

WW3 Watch: The petroleum factor

Inquiring minds want to know: what’s up with the collapsing price of Urals crude and can it ever find its way to market? Here’s a short summary from someone in the know (with my emphasis): Russia supplies crude/products via pipelines direct to customers and via the sea. Under sanctions, movements likely go the way of […]