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Leaked Lunch with former UBS Libor trader Tom Hayes

In the second episode of Season Two of the Leaked Lunch podcast I sit down with former UBS Libor trader Tom Hayes. He tells me about the shock of his life when he discovered he was being charged with Libor manipulation, the unauthentic deal-making he had to engage in to avoid extradition to the US, […]

ICYMI: Germany floats subsidies for energy-intensive industries (POLITICO)

By Victor Jack, Gabriel Rinaldi · May 5, 2023 BERLIN — Germany’s Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck on Friday proposed a plan to subsidize electricity costs for struggling energy-intensive industries, hinting at support for EU joint debt to fund the measure bloc-wide if necessary. In a working paper, Habeck’s ministry suggested reimbursing energy-intensive companies […]

The military-civil fusion at the heart of the new dollar order (POLITICO)

By Izabella Kaminska · Apr 26, 2023, 2:22 PM To read remarks made by a string of treasury officials and central bankers in recent weeks, one thing becomes clear: It’s no longer an exaggeration to suggest the global economic system is heading toward a shift unlike anything since World War II. And what’s more, what’s […]

ChatGPT has some thoughts about organic humanoid robots

Long story short: I tried to test my theory that humans are the optimal embodied intelligence for this planet (due to millennia of natural evolution) by asking ChatGPT a few hypothetical questions about the best way to maximise the efficiency of humanoid robots. The conversation is attached below. Overall, I think ChatGPT agreed with me […]

Spot Markets Live (30/03/23) *** What do digital FX controls look like?***

Izabella Kaminska10:59 Morning! FRANCES COPPOLA11:01 Morning! Welcome to nearly the end of the week. And so far no bank collapses. I believe Izzy is joining me today. Izabella Kaminska11:01 I am indeed here spiritually for 30 min and then consciously from 1130 onwards. Multitasking like a crazy person these days. Should we check in on […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (24/03/23) *** Fall of Rome Continues ***

Izabella Kaminska11:00 Good morning everyone. FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 Morning! Izabella Kaminska11:00 And welcome to Spot Markets Live – or as we like to call it – ‘Dispatches from the fall of Rome”. Or is it the Fire of London? Not sure. I can take the Tacitus role. I’m joined by my companion in arms, Samuel Pepys. […]

Spot Markets Live (22/03/2023)

Continuing our dispatches from the Fall of the Roman Republic, Frances Coppola is joined by Kathleen Tyson, chief executive, of Pacemaker.Global. FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 .. Morning everyone. Kathleen Tyson11:01 Good morning. Thanks for inviting me. FRANCES COPPOLA11:02 Today I’m joined by Kathleen Tyson, chief executive of https://www.pacemaker.global/ Kathleen Tyson11:02 Oooh! Nice welcome, John! FRANCES COPPOLA11:02 it’s […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (21/03/23)

Today’s edition of Spot Markets Live was hosted by Frances Coppola, with a small fly-by from Izzy. FRANCES COPPOLA10:58 .. 11:00Hi everyone, welcome back. This is my first solo flight. Hope we don’t have a crash landing. And no, I wasn’t up at dawn today! Speaking of crash landings…. 11:02ugh I was trying to post […]

Spot Markets Live is DAILY this week at 11am UK Time

Join former banking and finance correspondent Anjuli Davies for Monday’s session of Spot Markets Live on the Coodash platform at 11am UK time. She will be joined by Betaville’s Ben Harrington and banking expert Frances Coppola.  https://finhub.coodash.com/login We will be running these sessions daily this week, at 11am UK time. If you don’t have a […]

Financial contagion watch for Monday

What a weekend. And thanks for ruining Mothers Day, Credit Suisse. Here are some bullets to bear in mind for Monday based on what I’ve been hearing from sources, my own analysis and general reporting. Apologies for typos – written on an iPhone. **NOT**A KOBAYASHI MARU. Well, don’t I have egg on my face? On Thursday […]