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Spot Markets Live Transcript, 13/10/23 (Bonds, Uranium, Wine, Polish elections)

Izabella Kaminska10:26 10:28 Hello and welcome back to SPOT MARKETS LIVE. Yes, we’re back. Mainly because the markets are looking a little iffy again. But also because we finally found ourselves a solid partner for a daily gig. 10:31 Just waiting for the rabble to arrive. Sorry, typos already, so deleted the last comment. Hello […]

Could Trump use forgotten Chinese debt to salvage the global economy?

As the United States confronts an impending government shutdown amid an unwelcome outbreak of bond vigilantism, an unexpected remedy to global financial implosion might just lie in a murky corner of long forgotten financial history. Dormant for decades, the Blind Spot understands the overlooked issue of defaulted Chinese imperial debt is quietly turning heads on […]

The problem with Ozempic, a personal story

If you’ve not heard of it, semaglutide (also known as Ozempic, Wegovy) is the wonder weight loss drug that is currently storming the world, and even Boris Johnson seems to think it has revolutionised the treatment of obesity, meaning the problem could be nipped in the bud very soon. As someone who struggles with weight […]

In the Blind Spot (Jackson Hole meets Alpbach)

Dear Subscribers, Welcome to the end of August. It’s Jackson Hole weekend. But it’s also the European Forum at Alpbach in Austria, where I have finally arrived. My Alpine location is one of the reasons the newsletter is coming on a Sunday. My arrival at Munich was scuppered on Thursday night by electrical storms, which […]

In the Blind Spot (The cost of Alpine life, Argentina, Bond yields)

Dear Subscribers, My trusty lieutenant Dario Garcia Giner took a well deserved break last week with some exotic travels. That’s part of the reason there was no newsletter last week (the first absence since we started the weekly format). The other reason is that we had guests over and there was an unexpected foot injury. […]

Another sneak peek at POLITICO’s Morning Central Banker

As long-term readers will know, the Blind Spot operates in collaboration with Politico, where I am senior finance editor four days a week. In that guise, I’ve helped to launch an incredible new product, edited by Geoffrey Smith, focused on Central Banking (with a focus on the European Central Bank and the Bank of England […]