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The Blind Spot Plugs Into POLITICO

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I’m pleased to announce a wind of change for me and the Blind Spot.

As of today, our service will begin benefiting from an exclusive deal to access POLITICO Europe’s paywalled premium content. The tie-up is based around a republishing licensing deal, which aims to protect The Blind Spot’s unique voice while enhancing its subscriber offering. The Blind Spot will continue to focus on finance, economics and media news — and anything else that may have a bearing on investor portfolios that the editorial team feels is currently being under-reported elsewhere.

A select number of POLITICO pieces will from now on be hand-picked by me for our premium paywalled subscribers.

In conjunction with this announcement, I’m also pleased to announce that as I take on responsibilities at Politico, Anjuli Davies will take on a formal editing role in charge of our Spot Markets Live (SML) offering and other special projects. SML takes place every Monday at 11am, but will ramp up to more days a week as soon as economics allow. The transcripts will continue to be published on this website for free.

Davies was previously former senior finance correspondent at The Telegraph and before that banking and M&A correspondent at Reuters. We are incredibly delighted to have her join us formally. Readers and PRs can reach out to her on [email protected]. Spot Markets Live aims to become the online destination for live market reaction and insight.

The Blind Spot’s signature subscriber offering will now become the Blind Spot Wrap. This will be published on Fridays and mailed out on Saturdays. After this week, the newsletter — compiled by me (unless I’m on holiday or ill) — will go behind our basic level subscription paywall.

Here’s the official press release:

January 31, 2023

Brussels, Belgium – Izabella Kaminska, founder of The Blind Spot and a long-time veteran of the Financial Times, joins POLITICO as Senior Finance Editor in Europe

In this role, Kaminska will oversee and coordinate all of POLITICO’s Financial Services coverage in Europe. Kaminska will work closely with Sam Wilkin, POLITICO’s new Pro Editor, whose arrival was announced earlier this month, taking POLITICO’s Pro coverage to new heights. She will continue to publish The Blind Spot in cooperation with POLITICO with a mixture of unique and POLITICO content.

“I’m delighted to be joining POLITICO in this pioneering hybrid role which will help forge a symbiotic relationship between a fledging independent and one of the fastest growing new media names in the business centred on shared journalistic values. Independent media has been flourishing over the last couple of years, but what it offers in unbridled independence it often lacks in scale, resources and accountability. With this partnership, the Blind Spot will be able to professionalise its offering by bolting into POLITICO’s core code of conduct policy without losing its unique voice,” said Kaminska. “From POLITICO’s perspective, I see them benefiting from a Skunk Works type of relationship for media.”

“I’m so pleased to welcome Izzy to POLITICO. Her approach to journalism is sure to be a great asset as we build out our expert POLITICO Pro policy coverage. I can’t wait to plug into Izzy’s entrepreneurial spirit as we develop and launch more exciting editorial projects,” said Jamil Anderlini, editor in chief, POLITICO Europe.

An expert on central banking, markets and finance, Kaminska spent 13 years at the Financial Times, most recently as editor of their markets and finance blog, Alphaville. Kaminska started her journalistic career in 2001 as a junior reporter for the Warsaw Business Journal and later worked in Azerbaijan and Georgia with the Caspian Business News. She has worked as a freelancer from Kabul, Afghanistan and was also a senior producer on CNBC’s flagship “Squawk Box” program.

Kaminska will be based in the UK and will travel frequently to Brussels and other European capitals. If you’re interested in getting in touch with her about her new role, please contact our press team at [email protected].

About POLITICO Europe

POLITICO, a global nonpartisan politics and policy news organization, launched in Europe in April 2015.

POLITICO is a subsidiary of Axel Springer SE.

With operations based in Brussels and additional offices in London, Berlin and Paris, POLITICO connects the dots between global power centers. Its journalism lives online at politico.eu; in POLITICO Pro, the real-time policy intelligence service for professionals; in daily and weekly newsletters, such as Brussels Playbook, London Playbook and Playbook Paris; in print via a weekly newspaper; and through live events.


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