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This will eventually become a regular aggregation post. But for now it wll be a little sporadic.

In any case here’s the stuff that has recently caught my eye.

Finance and markets:

WW3 Watch:

  • The Baltic sea has some security issues.
  • All the British Navy’s destroyers are in port for repairs as tensions rise.
  • American B-52 bombers are being deployed to Britain.
  • Former UK defence secretary says biological security “as important as conventional defence” to head off next pandemic.
  • US approves £100m support deal with Taiwan for Patriot missiles aimed at boosting the island’s missile defence systems.



From the wires (and not yet on the internet):

  • (Bloomberg): ESG Funds Chasing Returns Rethink Exclusion Stance.
    A change in the way that ESG funds approach their investment decision-making could provide a significant boost for some long-neglected sectors. Rather than simply avoiding the likes of fossil fuel producers and miners, a number of funds are now choosing to get involved in those companies that can show they’re moving towards sustainable alternatives.

From our correspondent in the fake news zone
(because unless you know what the other side is saying, you’ve got A Blind Spot):

  • That rogue doctor, Robert Malone, is cautioning against overly relying on the data that has been dumped by Department of Defense whistleblowers. Says it needs more cross-examination.
  • Fourth Pfizer dose is insufficient to ward off Omicron, Israeli trial shows.
  • Honking is now illegal.
  • How many normies still don’t know about the freedom convoy let alone the scale of its organisation and infrastructure?

For the Lols:

Old articles worth remembering:

  • That time Russia leased out a lot of land to China.


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