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Why Rogan is the media’s “inverted yield curve”

The TLDR: Rogan’s mass appeal — much larger than that of the legacy media — feels like a market breakdown. It simply shouldn’t be happening. It’s the inverted yield curve of the media industry. Or the snubbing of structured data in favour of the unstructured sort. Neither should make sense, so when they manifest it […]

Stuff I read so you don’t have to

This will eventually become a regular aggregation post. But for now it wll be a little sporadic. In any case here’s the stuff that has recently caught my eye. Finance and markets: Does the Fed have an insider trading problem? *That* Steve Hanke study that showed lockdowns weren’t worth it. Rumble offers Joe Rogan $100m […]

Pancake swaps

Yes really. In the brave bold world of crypto, pancake swaps are now a thing. A close collaborator drew my attention to them having recently worked on an associated project. I still don’t really understand them. They’re part of the Defi phenomenon, which I’ve tried to ignore as much as possible because the whole thing […]

WW3 Watch: Actual Skynet edition

TLDR; I just discovered Skynet is actually a thing. But it turns out it’s been a thing since 1969. Those who have subscribed to my newsletter will know I have an inkling about a major new blind spot developing in markets. It’s one I do hope I’m wrong about though. I’m going to loosely refer […]