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In the Blind Spot (UAPs, BIS Charts, McLuhan)

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Finance, Economics, Markets etc..

  • I wrote about the noble gas markets and how they need to become more transparent.
  • The UN is brokering a deal to ensure safe passage for grains and fertiliser to external markets.
  • Has inflation been globalised?
  • Sri Lanka declares it is bankrupt.
  • Don’t you just love it when the BIS does crypto charts?
    The banking exposure chart is particularly enlightening:

    And here is bitcoin at exchanges:

    And here’s ethereum:

From the X-files:

  • Avi Loeb, head of the Galileo Project, has some thoughts about the first congressional hearing on unidentified flying objecst in half a century.
  • Some highlights from the hearings and thoughts from Rep. Tim Burchett.

Media matters:

  • Marshall McLuhan predicted today’s infowar.

    This is from 2015, but somebody Tweeted it at me today. And I thought it was worth reposting. The thing about McLuhan is that he really does need to be regularly and periodically re-read. I imagine those reading him in the 1970s didn’t have the foggiest about what he was on about then. It’s almost like McLuhan was writing in the style of some sort prophet, whose words would only begin to make sense when certain things had come to pass. In any case, the key insight being discussed here is: “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”

  • The NY Post sums up Nina Jankowicz’s brief spell as disinformation tsar, cites her bad take on their Hunter Biden story.

Beyond Covid:

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