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Blind Spot collaborates with A Long Time In Finance


Back in the early days of the financial blogosphere, people liked to collaborate, hat tip and share quality content across their platforms. Then the mainstream media discovered Twitter (c. 2010) and, well, who knows what happened. It all went a bit pear-shaped. The collegiate atmosphere got a little less collegiate. And a lot of bloggers became far less generous with acknowledging their fellow bloggers.

Here at The Blind Spot  we believe in fostering debate. But we also believe in the rise of quality independent financial media. And as far as that’s concerned we think cross-collaboration with our peers, specifically those who we consider value aligned, is a big win for all of us. The internet is very large, and frankly there’s room for all of us.

In the spirit of collaboration, then, The Blind Spot is partnering up with financial media veterans Neil Collins, formerly City Editor of the Telegraph, and Jonathan Ford, formerly of the Financial Times in a rudimentary but we think you will find super handy “transcript support function”.

That means listeners of their excellent new podcast “A long time in finance” (DO SUBSCRIBE!) can come to The Blind Spot to view the transcripts of their show, absolutely for free.

You will also be able to search for legacy transcripts with the tag ALTIF.

Thank you Jonathan and Neil for choosing The Blind Spot!

In their latest show, they discuss Cryptocalypse Now! with… little old me.

And we get a NibbleCoin valuation update. Check it out.


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