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ALTIF Transcripts: Cryptocalypse Now!

The “A Long Time In Finance” Transcripts Cryptocaplyse Now! Cryptocurrencies are collapsing across the etherspace. Neil and Jonathan talk to Izabella Kaminska, founder of the Blind Spot and keen cryptowatcher, about Terra, Luna and Tether, the death spiral of the stablecoins, and whether anyone in the real world should care. Presented by Jonathan Ford and […]

Blind Spot collaborates with A Long Time In Finance


Back in the early days of the financial blogosphere, people liked to collaborate, hat tip and share quality content across their platforms. Then the mainstream media discovered Twitter (c. 2010) and, well, who knows what happened. It all went a bit pear-shaped. The collegiate atmosphere got a little less collegiate. And a lot of bloggers […]