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When Betting goes Right, and Investing Doesn’t

It was during the market closing hours of September 28 that Jake Freeman opened his portfolio and counted his losses; his holdings in the psychedelic biotech company, Mind Medical, had just dropped by 49%. Just weeks before, his face had been plastered over financial media because of his trade on then-meme stock favourite Bed, Bath, […]

When Currencies (and Nations) Fall; The Case of Lebanon’s Bad Data

The dramatic plunge in sterling and UK gilt prices following Kwarteng’s unsupported tax cuts announcement drew many to radical conclusions. Whether a fatal undermining of Britain’s post-90s fiscal responsibility or displaying a counter-intuitively long-term perspective, the spectre of Black Wednesday’s governmental incompetence is echoing through Westminster’s halls. Perhaps it’s time for Britons to learn from […]

UAP Theories and the Sample Size Problem

Headlines filled with news of falling currencies and gilts have obscured other (other)worldly developments. We at The Blind Spot aim to redress these ills. On September 27, a US intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation, posted a logo on its website that included a flying saucer. This tongue-in-cheek sketch was quickly erased once […]

Bed, Bath and Beyond Saga; The Plot Thickens

This is the third part in our series analysing this summer’s meme stock favourite, BBBY. Our first instalment went into a previously-unknown element behind the rise of GameStop (GME) stock in late 2019 (unknown to the mainstream at least). This noted that a user called ‘namsilat’, who also appears to operate TheCorporation subreddit, had provided […]

ALTIF Transcripts: Remembering Black Wednesday, Part Two

In the second of our three-part series on Black Wednesday, the sterling crisis that drove Britain out of Europe’s Exchange Rate Mechanism in the autumn of 1992, Neil and Jonathan look back on the events of the day itself with Sir Paul Tucker, who watched the mounting chaos from the Bank of England. Presented by […]

NFTs and the One Precedent-setting Law Case That Can Make or Break Them

Or: Why Nfts Are Really a Market Structure Story. Oh Christ, we hear you say. Yet another piece on how NFTs are either worthless trash or the next best thing since sliced bread Yawn. In a field currently rife with crashing valuations, it seems the critics hold the upper hand. But what if everyone’s missed […]

Russia’s Decaying Sphere of Influence: Contested Resources

This is the first in an occasional series looking into Russia’s decaying sphere of influence. In this edition we take a closer look at the scale of contested resources in the region.  The Global and International Domain of Minero-Dollars What are the resources (or lack thereof) currently being battled over at the periphery of Russia’s […]

In the Blind Spot (Armenia, Drone Swarms, Censorship)

Media & Market Matters: Goldman Sachs’s new Apple Credit Card business shows loss rates on credit card loans are up to 2.93 per cent, higher than their subprime lender counterparts. The FT’s Gillian Tett interviews Palantir’s Karp. The Telegraph unveils the explanation behind Liz Truss’ regularly sported necklace nicknamed the ‘Circle of Truss’.  Twitter thread […]