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*ROLL UP ROLL UP* Politico’s Morning Central Banker has launched

Today’s the day POLITICO launches its must-read, must-not-miss, Morning Central Banker newsletter… Sign up below for a three week FREE trial: www.politico.eu/pro-central-banker-newsletter-trial-access And join a special inaugural Twitter Space for the occasion at 2pm UK time! The line-up includes former Pimco boss Mohamed A. El-Erian, the Peterson Institute for International Economics’ Nicolas Véron, and global […]

Spot Markets Live 22/05/23 ***Debt ceiling jitters***

Anjuli Davies11:00 Good morning SMLers and good morning Frances 11:01Markets seem to be treading water this morning in the build up to the debt ceiling deadline FRANCES COPPOLA11:01 Morning everyone Anjuli Davies11:01 FRANCES COPPOLA11:02 Nervous Anjuli Davies11:03 All the investment banks have their “war rooms” up and running But I don’t think anyone can really […]

Spot Markets Live 24/04/23 ***On near death experiences***

.. Anjuli Davies10:59 Morning morning ! FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 Morning everyone Anjuli Davies10:59 Frances, you’ve had a busy morning already You’re officially a talking head on Credit Suisse FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 I took over the BBC Anjuli Davies11:00 Ah Jim Cramer ….. FRANCES COPPOLA11:01 Credit Suisse outflows… CHF 61bn in the first quarter, following CHF 110bn in […]

Spot Markets Live (17/04/23) ***time to charge depositors edition?***

Anjuli Davies10:58 Good morning! FRANCES COPPOLA10:58 Morning! Anjuli Davies10:59 Welcome back Did you have a good Easter break? FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 I did. Northumberland is beautiful at this time of year. Anjuli Davies10:59 Sun’s out, markets are up – what’s there to talk about? FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 Nicely green. Apart from Barclays . Anjuli Davies11:01 There’s been […]

Spot Markets Live (27/03/23)

Good morning SMLers ! Another busy morning out there. Today Frances is back with us Morning Frances FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 Morning everyone! Anjuli Davies11:00 Where do we start? FRANCES COPPOLA11:01 Is the panic over? I suppose we should start with DB DB share price up this morning but CDS remain elevated Anjuli Davies11:01 FRANCES COPPOLA11:02 Who […]

Spot Markets Live (23/03/03)

Anjuli Davies10:58 … FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 .. Anjuli Davies10:59 Good morning SMLers The crazy week continues FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 Morning all Anjuli Davies11:00 My morning has been a metaphor of the world economy or as Sonja Laud, chief investment officer at Legal & General, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme “If you slam on the brakes, the chances […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (20/03/23)

Anjuli Davies10:59 Good morning all ! FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 Morning everyone Ben Harrington10:59 Morning! Good to be back on ML Anjuli Davies10:59 Very excited to be joined today by both Ben Harrington and Frances Coppola FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 I’m four coffees in already Anjuli Davies11:00 Can find Ben at www.betaville.co.uk (quick shoutout) So…dare I ask, where do we start? […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (13/03/23)

Helen10:58 Hello Anjuli, Helen here logging in Anjuli Davies10:59 Good morning all Welcome to Spot Markets Live #siliconvalleyspecial As you can see we are joined again by Helen Thomas , she runs https://blondemoney.co.uk/ You were also with George Osborne in 2008 when Lehman was imploding? Helen11:00 Yes that’s right!! I remember sitting at my desk the […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (06/03/23)

Anjuli Davies10:57 … 10:59Good morning and welcome to Spot Markets Live, the weekly round-robin of stocks and markets news. Today I’m excited to be joined by David Kimberley, who works for Kepler Partners. Thanks for joining us today. and Izzy ! (who I saw lurking in the comments.) woohoo David should be here, or so […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript (27/02/23)

Anjuli Davies10:56 … 10:57Good morning and welcome to Spot Markets Live, the weekly round-robin of stocks and markets news. Today I’m excited to be joined by Helmholtz, a former sell-side pro with nearly 40 years worth of experience running rates desks at various investment banks. Helmholtz has agreed to give us his thoughts on the condition […]