Spotlight on genetic engineering

The capacity of “bad actors” to create and use DNA-targeted bioweapons is in the limelight following comments from US Rep Jason Crow at last week’s Aspen Security Forum, which openly flagged the technology as a key risk for the international community. While the likes of Vladimir Putin have long espoused the possibility that such weapons […]

Spotlight on the bureaucratic state’s productivity problem

Productivity has been faltering in the UK since at least 2008. We know this because the UK’s Productivity Commission says so. That’s not to say the UK is alone here. Productivity rates have been falling all over the western world. It’s just the situation in the UK is particularly bad, for reasons not properly understood […]

Spotlight on: The EU as a revived medieval empire

When Boris Johnson cheekily suggested this week that Emmanuel Macron’s European Political Community proposal would allow for the creation of a modern Roman Empire he missed one crucial thing. We have already rebuilt a Roman Empire in Europe – it’s just not the Roman Empire you’re thinking of. It is instead the Holy Roman Empire […]

Spotlight on how crypto genius failed

Decentralised finance, a.k.a DeFi, has been hurting The Blind Spot’s head ever since we first heard about pancake swaps earlier this year. Try as we might we couldn’t wrap our heads around it. What the hell was it? What was its point? How did it work? Why did everyone seem to know what was going […]

Spotlight on mass-market satellite access

When a snapshot of a mirrored monolith was posted by state biologists conducting a survey on local bighorn sheep in November 2020, it ignited what would soon become one of the most intensive open-source pursuits for topological intelligence the world has ever seen. Within hours, thousands of amateur sleuths were dissecting the image (which was […]

Why it’s time to start worrying about petchems

A spotlight on strange petchem effects That Russian sanctions on the back of the Ukraine war are disrupting commodity markets is old news. We all know energy and commodity prices are the key drivers of 40-year busting inflation prints and other supply-side disruptions. What is still to be appropriately acknowledged, however, is the degree to […]

The paradox of Russian oil sanctions

Russia, Dictatorship, and Oil Prices – Is the West Ignoring the Path to Victory? A guest submission for the Blind Spot by the “Data Artist”. Are the Ukrainians on the verge of glorious victory over tyranny or entering a war of attrition that could last for many years? It is really hard to know what […]