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Leaked Lunch with economist Guy Standing about the Blue Commons


Welcome to the third episode of Season Two of the Leaked Lunch podcast with economist and author Guy Standing. The recording, which you can listen to on RSS, Apple pods or Spotify, took place at the Italian restaurant Da Paolo just off Goodge Street in London over a spot of seafood spaghetti in March this year.


Guy is best known for his work on Universal Basic Income (UBI), but on this occasion, our conversation focused on his latest book ‘The Blue Commons‘, which is all about the geopolitics and economics of the oceans and the related tensions emerging from how the world has decided to manage sea-related property rights. The book covers everything from how large nations are bullying smaller nations to give up eco-friendly fishing policies to how the Crown Estate is profiteering from its command of the British seabed.

If you sit tight and make it to about 1hr 40 mins in, Guy also gives us some insight into that time he was invited to attend the secretive annual Bilderberg meeting. Enjoy the recording.

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