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Leaked Lunch with Blonde Money’s Helen Thomas


The Blind Spot’s Leaked Lunch podcast gets underway this week, and in the first episode of the first season we sit down with Helen Thomas, the founder of investment advisory Blonde Money to sample a very extensive Asian fusion menu.

Helen has 20 years of experience in banking, fund management and politics. She was an adviser to George Osborne, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, during 2008 and helped Matthew Hancock MP write his book on the financial crisis, Masters of Nothing. She is also a board member of CFA UK, a freeman of the City of London, and she has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Christ Church, Oxford University. Her business focuses on how to monitor the mispriced risk in financial markets.

The lunch was recorded on July 4, at Ayllu in Paddington. The bill came to £168.19.

Leaked Lunch is available on RSS, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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