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Introducing the Blind Spot’s “Leaked Lunch” podcast


The cat’s out of the bag.

I’ve been working on a new podcast format, and the FT’s Dan McCrum and Paul Murphy were kind enough to let me use them as guinea pigs for the pilot.

The concept is pretty straightforward. It’s me plus one or two top-tier guests from the world of finance, business or economics (or other) having an easygoing lunch at an obliging restaurant that doesn’t mind a little mic on the table.

You, the listener, get to hear us ruminate about matters we are supposedly knowledgeable in, while also getting an idea of what the restaurant has to offer. Some wine sampling may also occur.

I can confirm the inaugural edition was purposefully structured as an “accidental” Twitter Spaces broadcast to get the old clicks in as well as some attention for both me and Dan’s new book Money Men. Shameful, I know!

Tune in to listen to Dan and Paul recount their Wirecard war stories, and muse on everything from Elon and Dan Wagner to panic buying and eavesdropping.

Leaked Lunch will always be transparent about who picks up the bill. In this case it was Dan and Paul. So thank you kindly!

The obliging restaurant in question was Casa Dino in Chiswick (not far from La Trompette) and it’s a strong recommend from all of us. Our favourite course was probably the wasabi calamari entrée. Though the truffle pappardelle was also great.

If you find yourself in the area and in the market for authentic Italian and home-made pasta, do give it a try. And do let Dino know you heard about the restaurant from our podcast.

Leaked Lunch is looking for a sponsor, so if you fancy having your name dropped in the format do give me a shout on [email protected].

Enjoy the show 🙂

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