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Blind Spot Training Day


The Blind Spot is getting into the journalistic training business. Woo hoo.

Why? Because as we scale up and deal with ever more freelancers and contributors, we want to ensure they share our core journalistic values and apply the same quality controls to their work as we do. Also, we have 20 years of accumulated journalistic knowledge to pass down to the next generation.

Since The Blind Spot was organising some informal trainings anyway, we figured it might make sense to open it up to other interested parties.

The context is important. Overall there are only two pathways these days. One is on-the-job programmes at mainstream outlets, which are limited, highly competitive to get on and often very poorly paid. The other is signing up to established academic courses, which are expensive and very formal.

Both pathways don’t necessarily serve those already working in the field of independent content creation or transitioning from other careers. Nor do they necessarily address the challenges faced today by successful or aspiring independents.

In our first experimental session in London we are thinking of featuring the following sessions:

  1. The basics of media law – especially in a multi-jurisdictional online context (including how not to get sued by prolific litigants).
  2. Navigating the pitfalls and opportunities of doing journalism on social media, including how to manage yourself when faced with an online swarm.
  3. A highly experienced guest speaker.
  4. Differentiating opinion from objective news on the internet, and why it’s important to do so.
  5. The art of the journalistic “Lunch”.
  6. Some basic writing exercises focused around simulation exercises.

We plan to run this event on a non-profit basis. If it proves successful we will look to expand the trainings at a fair but for-profit rate. We might also look to host them online. The first session however is IN REAL LIFE only.

Who is the target attendee?

  • Students who are passionate about business, finance and investing looking to get into journalism.
  • Those looking to transfer into journalism from careers in markets, finance or business.
  • Independents already operating successfully on Substack or elsewhere, but keen to up their game or draw on the network benefits of being associated with quality journalistic standards centred on objectivity, fairness and nuance.
  • Anyone interested in understanding how to navigate the murky information world we find ourselves in today.

If you’re interested in the course ping me directly on Linkedin, Twitter DM (@izakaminska) or email me on [email protected]. Dates, venues and costs will be determined once we have a better idea of demand.

If you know of someone who might be interested, please do SHARE.

If you are not London-based but interested in viewing the sessions online only – also do let me know. I’m interested in all feedback.

In the long run, the intent is to forge networks of aligned independents who share our values.

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