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Another sneak peek at POLITICO’s Morning Central Banker


As long-term readers will know, the Blind Spot operates in collaboration with Politico, where I am senior finance editor four days a week. In that guise, I’ve helped to launch an incredible new product, edited by Geoffrey Smith, focused on Central Banking (with a focus on the European Central Bank and the Bank of England specifically). The daily newsletter goes out every morning at 6 a.m. UK time, and is jam-packed with useful and actionable info.

I’m sharing this compendium of our work with my subscribers to help spread the word. Feel free to circulate any particular editions you find useful onwards. At this early stage, word of mouth really helps. And I won’t be doing this every week. 🙂


POLITICO Morning Central Banker Monday July 10

POLITICO Morning Central Banker Tuesday July 11

POLITICO Morning Central Banker Wednesday July 12

POLITICO Morning Central Banker Thursday July 12

POLITICO Morning Central Banker Friday July 13

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