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In the Blind Spot on Friday (Russian stocks, bitcoin, Covid)

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Finance, markets and economics:

  • Reuters reports that Russian stocks fell in their second day of trading after a near month-long suspension.

    [But as far as I can see that’s definitely a rebound in the Moex? That also looks like a rebound in the rouble:

  • Russia considers accepting bitcoin from friendly countries for oil and gas sales.

    [Lots bitcoin watchers are sceptical about whether bitcoin has the liquidity to process this sort of thing. I tend to agree. But I still think it’s worth watching based on what I heard from the Russian ambassador, in 2017, as recounted here. ]

  • Here’s the link to A long Time in Finance’s chat with financial historian Edward Chancellor.
  • The mystery of how Boeing 737-800 crashed in China deepens as video reveals the plane fell from the sky in a missile-style nosedive.
  • Checking in on the Deliveroo Share price because I feel that gig economy stocks that depend on customer laziness to have a business model are going to struggle with inflation and soaring food prices:

Commodity Power:

WW3 Watch:

  • Niall Ferguson has a contrarian take on the standard consensus that an extended Ukrainian war will strain and deplete Russia.

    [It’s a little bit dated, from March 22, but worth your time. The key observation is this one: “The optimism, however, is the assumption that allowing the war to keep going will necessarily undermine Putin’s position; and that his humiliation in turn will serve as a deterrent to China. I fear these assumptions may be badly wrong and reflect a misunderstanding of the relevant history.”]

  • For another alternative view on the war here’s Scott Ritter of Iraq UN weapons inspections fame.
  • It’s still mainly Fox News pushing the Hunter Biden story. But the Drastic Covid investigations team is onto the Metabiota link.

From the “Truth” zone:

  • How Western media has reported the taking of Mariupol:

Holy War Watch:

  • Today’s the day Pope Francis consecrates Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary. The service is being broadcast on all possible Vatican channels.

    [Why does anyone care? Because there are 1.2bn Catholics in the world.]

Covid is still a thing:

  • Here’s the first installment of my three-part interview with nuclear physicist and JASON advisory member, Richard Muller, who has turned Covid origins investigator. Muller says “if I decided to fight an economic war with the US, and thought it was fine to kill millions of people, if I had that mindset, then this is what I would do, I would develop a virus in a laboratory, I would do it in Wuhan, I would kick out the French, I would collaborate with the Americans to get critical things like the mice but I would make sure I had a weapons programme to go along with it, paralleled by a vaccine so I could innoculate my own people.”

    [This is the first of a series of podcasts I’ve done with Paul Dabrowa of Lifebiohack, who I am collaborating with until I get my own podcast up and running. It’s actually part two in the three-part Muller interview, but Paul decided to publish this one first.]

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