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The Blind Spot has already noted that Metaverse platforms are likely to fail if they continue to rely on older generations’ idea about what a virtual world should look like; clean, boring, and politically correct. 

The success of games often relies on just the opposite; violence, incorrectness, and brutality.

The point of games is precisely to add experiences that cannot be done in real life. Attempting to imitate a more boring version of life will doom the platform to failure – DGG.

Political Pivots:


  • Pippa Malmgren on the inevitability of a CBDC-data-driven money system.

    I’ve come to a similar conclusion. And that’s largely to do with three factors.

    1) The surveillance forces out there may be beyond our control. They may be a naturally occuring reaction to a hyper-scaled and overstretched system that needs to re-generate trust to ensure that predatory foces don’t erode it entirely.

    2) A la Diocletian, when the system becomes so overstretched that monetary foundations are rocked to their core, the only remaining option will be to bond people back to the land. In the digital world that means finding virtual tools to synthesize the same sort of localist surveillance system that used to be naturally occurring in small rural towns and villages. Where everyone knew your business.

    3) I used to worry that if CBDCs were rolled out, they would crowd out the banking system and bust it entirely. I know wonder if it’s the other way around. Banks will self-combust regardless under the pressure overly restrictive regulation, and CBDCs will be there waiting in the wings to pick up the totally unprofitable business no other private institution wants to do.

    Is there an option where we don’t go down the demonetisation pathway? If we’re at war with a competitor that doesn’t mind imposing this sort of system, then sadly I think not. Whether we like it or not, CBDCs will impose huge efficiencies on the system. Not because of their technical capacities, but because they will be able to repress and incentivise demand in the most direct and personal way. It will be Gosplan on steroids. Any nation that goes to war with a nation already imposing such a system, will never be able to win against it. So, if you can’t beat them, we may have no choice but to join them. But once we do beat them, we need to do everything we can to rollback these surveillance systems as quickly as possible. – IK


  • GCHQ boss Jeremy Flemming gives a rare presentation and ironically warns about the perils of sleepwalking into a surveillance state.
  • The GrayZone reveals docs showing British military types thought about blowing up the Kerch bridge in Crimea.


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