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The Blind Spot Podcast: NFTs Take on Beanie Babies with Artist Simon Denny

In episode six of The Blind Spot podcast, Junseth and Izzy chat NFTs, apocalypse bunkers and beanie babies with the amazing Simon Denny. For those who don’t know, Denny is a contemporary artist based in Berlin, who makes sculptures and installations based around technological themes. Denny’s subject matter has included the redesign of the New […]

Voice Notes: Reflections on CBDCs

(On the beat in London…OTRB) FIRST DRAFT Voice Note: Settlement Costs Factoid: The Riksbank apparently decided to plug into the European T2S settlement system rather than develop its own system as it was more cost-efficient to do so. This is despite the Swedish krona obviously not being in the eurozone. I did not know that. […]

Introducing Blind Spot “Voice Notes”

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, here at the Blind Spot we are beginning to understand exactly what “they” mean when they say that. As a media start-up with a high trust score with sources but insufficient resources to maximise output, we find ourselves in a unique situation where we have more […]

ALTIF Transcripts: Remembering Black Wednesday, Part Two

In the second of our three-part series on Black Wednesday, the sterling crisis that drove Britain out of Europe’s Exchange Rate Mechanism in the autumn of 1992, Neil and Jonathan look back on the events of the day itself with Sir Paul Tucker, who watched the mounting chaos from the Bank of England. Presented by […]