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In the Blind Spot (Armenia, Drone Swarms, Censorship)


Media & Market Matters:

Military Matters:

The conflict is developing but the latest news suggests that Russia has brokered a ceasefire between both camps.

We would note this attack is critical as it took place inside Armenia proper rather than the disputed Nagorno-Karbakh region inside of Azerbaijan, where most of the recent fighting has taken place. -DGG

The above footage represents the first occasion in which I see a drone swarm physically shown simulating an attack. Formerly, all I had seen were renders or civilian variants.

I suspect the use of small drones will be limited to last-few-miles payload deliveries due to ongoing difficulties with battery efficiency. I’m surprised they haven’t come up with a winged drone of similarly small dimensions, with rotatable rotors to allow for STOL and VTOL capabilities alongside some glide.

The drones in the exercise were packed with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance sensor suites. I have difficulty picturing how that could be an efficient use of battery power for drone swarms. Quadcopter drone swarms’ best bet is likely in payload deliverance. Leave the ISR-suite-packed quadcopters as supporting deployables to infantry squadrons. -DGG

Energy Crisis:

Covid Isn’t Over:

A federal judge has also ordered Fauci and other top NIH and Government officials to produce their communication records.

It’s about time there are official inquiries into government overreach into freedom of the press through the banhammer of social media sites. -DGG

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