Top Gun and the struggle to get enough 5G fighters

This is a guest post by “the Data Artist”, an author who hails from the fintech world and is a believer in beautiful rather than big data. The esteemed editor of The Blind Spot and I were both enthusiastic viewers of the Top Gun sequel, “Top Gun- Maverick”. But while I was keen to absorb […]

The paradox of Russian oil sanctions

Russia, Dictatorship, and Oil Prices – Is the West Ignoring the Path to Victory? A guest submission for the Blind Spot by the “Data Artist”. Are the Ukrainians on the verge of glorious victory over tyranny or entering a war of attrition that could last for many years? It is really hard to know what […]

What pricing the value of a combat death reveals about war

Editor’s note: There’s a lot of very astute people in finance who know a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, a lot of the time they can’t express themselves freely on topics outside of their immediate purview. The Blind Spot is happy to host content from such individuals on anonymous terms providing it meets our quality criteria. That […]