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Spot Markets Live (29/03/23) ***Release the countercyclical buffer edition***

FRANCES COPPOLA10:58 .. Izabella Kaminska10:59 Morning everyone FRANCES COPPOLA11:00 Morning everyone Izabella Kaminska11:00 I’m here (a little bit in stealth mode) to learn what’s going on. It seems like a nervous calm has swept through the market. I started the week telling people never say never about Deutsche going down, but now it seems like […]

Germany’s e-fuel fetish ain’t new. Just ask the Führer. (POLITICO)

By Matthew Karnitschnig – Mar 28, 2023 BERLIN — Hitler had a problem. It was early June in 1942 and though the diabolical German leader’s plan to whip his Volk into a frenzy and rape and pillage the rest of Europe showed early success, his army had run into a wall in Stalingrad and was […]

MEPs dream big for EU dirty money watchdog (POLITICO)

By Bjarke Smith-Meyer – Mar 28, 2023 The European Parliament wants an EU anti-money-laundering authority that polices national supervisors, enforces sanctions and with the power to fine companies millions of euros for flouting safeguards. MEPs on Tuesday voted through their vision of the future dirty money watchdog, which is supposed to help weed out suspect […]