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Spot Markets Live Transcript (20/03/23)

Anjuli Davies10:59 Good morning all ! FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 Morning everyone Ben Harrington10:59 Morning! Good to be back on ML Anjuli Davies10:59 Very excited to be joined today by both Ben Harrington and Frances Coppola FRANCES COPPOLA10:59 I’m four coffees in already Anjuli Davies11:00 Can find Ben at www.betaville.co.uk (quick shoutout) So…dare I ask, where do we start? […]

Spot Markets Live is DAILY this week at 11am UK Time

Join former banking and finance correspondent Anjuli Davies for Monday’s session of Spot Markets Live on the Coodash platform at 11am UK time. She will be joined by Betaville’s Ben Harrington and banking expert Frances Coppola.  https://finhub.coodash.com/login We will be running these sessions daily this week, at 11am UK time. If you don’t have a […]

Financial contagion watch for Monday

What a weekend. And thanks for ruining Mothers Day, Credit Suisse. Here are some bullets to bear in mind for Monday based on what I’ve been hearing from sources, my own analysis and general reporting. Apologies for typos – written on an iPhone. **NOT**A KOBAYASHI MARU. Well, don’t I have egg on my face? On Thursday […]