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Crypto Super Yachts Are a Thing

Earlier this summer I was commissioned by Boat International to write a feature about what’s going on in the world of super yachts and crypto. That piece is now up for Boat International subscribers. As I noted on Twitter earlier today the TLDR is: Some people are selling superyachts for crypto, but mostly as a […]

ALTIF Transcripts: Britain’s Energy Mess (Nick Butler)


Britain’s Energy Mess How on earth did the UK end up having to fling £150bn at the energy market just to keep the lights on? Is it just because of Vladimir Putin, or does it also involve poor decisions taken far nearer to home? Neil and Jonathan talk to energy expert Nick Butler about the history […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript: 03/10/22

Today’s Spot Markets live session is with Anjuli Davies, formerly of the Telegraph and Reuters, Davies’ last posting was as Senior City Editor for the Telegraph, moving there from her role as Acting Chief UK Financial Correspondent for Reuters. Comments addressing audience statements are in bold. Izabella Kaminska 11:59 Hello everyone… Starting 1 min early […]