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Spot Markets Live lives!

Thanks to the good folks at Coodash (and a much deserved shout out to Graham Halliday for his work on this) The Blind Spot now has the tech functionality to run a live markets chat. For the next few weeks or so, however, we will be operating in Beta testing mode. In time, the Coodash […]

ALTIF transcripts: What to do about the energy crisis?


What to do about the energy crisis Prices are high; supply is insecure; basically it’s a nightmare. But which levers do you pull to make things better, and which do you leave well alone? We talk to former Number 10 adviser and consultant Josh Buckland about how to fix the UK’s energy woes. Presented by […]

The Celsius crypto meltdown is linked to the Terra debacle

If you’re not knee deep in crypto goings on, the news this Monday morning that the Celsius network is in trouble might not mean very much to you. But what’s going on may have serious repercussions for the entire crypto network. Bitcoin is down 10.46 per cent in the last 24 hours on the news. […]