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In the Blind Spot (Aircraft carriers, Rouble, Larry Fink )

This edition of the Blind Spot Wrap was compiled by Izabella Kaminska (IK) and Dario Garcia Giner (DGG). Markets, finance, economics etc… Russian rouble hits near 7-year high vs dollar as tax payments loom (chart courtesy of CNBC). Putin has been indulging in the schadenfreude. Here’s what he’s been saying in his domestic channels. The […]

Why the oil price is not what it seems

Just because oil prices are absorbing the prospect of an outright European ban on Russian imports well, doesn’t mean there won’t be a major breakout to $300 per barrel highs if and when such a ban is executed.

In the Blind Spot on Thursday (Commodities, Commodities, Commodities)

Commodity power US goods risk being late as China’s lockdowns worsen shipping port jams. [But remember it’s just “transitory” ] Someone in the Blind Spot Discord asked: Do sanctions cause a shortage of crude and gas or a displacement? [A verified par moi OSINT reply: “China is by far the largest importer of Iranian crude […]