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Leaked Lunch Show Notes: James Aitken

In this Leaked Lunch episode Izabella Kaminska meets with James Aitken, of Aitken Advisors, at French restaurant La Vacherin in Chiswick. James is one of the UK’s top financial liquidity and plumbing experts, advising up to one hundred of the most influential capital pools in the world. James gained his experience working for UBS and […]

ALTIF Transcripts: The Renewable Religion

As the world gathers at COP27 to demand further action on emissions, what role can wind and solar really play in helping us hit global temperature targets? A sceptical Michael Shellenberger, US author and environmental activist, talks to Neil and Jonathan about the renewable “religion”, the need for more nuclear and gas, and how much […]

The Decline and Fall of the FTX Empire

Some of the smartest bitcoin maxis joined Junseth (orange man) and me (token female) on the Blind Spot podcast last night to discuss the fallout from the SBF FTX collapse. We covered all the major conspiracy theories, including some of the more obscure ones involving Solana coin and Jump Trading. The show featured American Hodl […]