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The Essential Willem Buiter on Whether Central Banks Can Go Bust

As mentioned in Spot Markets Live on Monday, lots of people are talking about this chart tracking Fed remittances to the Treasury. The striking collapse into negative territory since the summer is a function of the Fed finally having to materialise losses on the assets it purchased post-2008 as it unwinds QE. Does it mean […]

ALTIF Transcripts: The Kami-Kwasi Budget

It is hard to find a worse reaction to a British Budget than the one accorded Kwasi Kwarteng’s “special fiscal operation”. Neil and Jonathan talk to Howard Davies, former financial regulator and Treasury Mandarin about why it got such a huge raspberry, what Kwarteng can do now, and how his effort rates in the roll-call of past fiscal […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript: 10/10/22

Today’s Spot Markets live session is with Anjuli Davies, formerly of the Telegraph and Reuters, Davies’ last posting was as Senior City Editor for the Telegraph, moving there from her role as Acting Chief UK Financial Correspondent for Reuters. Comments addressing audience statements are in bold. Izabella Kaminska 10:58 …. Early birds in the house […]