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ALTIF Transcripts: All that Glisters… (Sachin Khajuria)


All that Glisters… The private equity industry has grown massively in recent¬†years, but is it a bubble or a genuine money-making machine? We talk to Sachin Khajuria, a former partner of Apollo and author, who believes the buyout¬†chiefs really can turn pension funds’ base metal into gold. Presented by Jonathan Ford and Neil Collins, With […]

Hi Shrinkflation, Meet Your Cousin Shitflation

The Rise of Shrinkflation The term Shrinkflation, coined and popularised by American economist Pippa Malmgren, speaks to hidden price increases in the world around us. It has taken the world by storm. As the above graph from Manage by Walking Around, shows, size really does matter — never mind what your first sweetheart told you. […]