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WW3 Watch: Blind Spot OSINT (02/03/2022)

From the daily chats curated by The Blind Spot community (in the last 24 hours-ish). The conduct of the war: Russian Army – underpromising and overdelivering? The PG Tips International Brigade. Prediction markets and pundits, Ukraine edition. Counter-strike on Russia propaganda talk, a global offensive. Russian satellites in space out of control, maybe. Players got […]

In the Blind Spot today (Hong Kong lockdown, Apple Pay, Knights)

Finance, markets etc: Italian energy bills are getting pricey. Google, Meta face penalties in Russia as deadline passes to open local offices. Rana Foroohar warns Beijing is quite serious about the new de-dollarised world order that it is pursuing. Helen Thomas on Germany’s Zeitenwende (turning point). China is buying more Iranian oil now than it […]