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Spot Markets Live

Welcome to the rebooted Spot Markets Live!

We have teamed up with finance pros and journalists to get you live commentary about markets, finance and econ during market time or during key market-moving events (think central bank announcements, earnings, briefings and speeches). The chat operates in the style of a curated text message exchange between financial market professionals. Participants get to view and offer feedback in their dedicated commentary zone.

Sessions pride themselves on being interactive. But unlike the chaos of Discord or Telegram channels, everything is curated and led by professionals to ensure the maximum signal to noise ratio can be achieved.

Until we attract dedicated sponsorship we will be limited to one Monday 11am session per week. But the aim (once we can afford a full-time voice) is to host sessions daily, adding special sessions whenever high-vol market days hit.

Current collaborators include Neil Collins, formerly of the Telegraph; Anjuli Davies, formerly of Reuters and the Telegraph and Ben Harrington of Betaville.

Sessions are hosted on the Coodash platform, which looks like this:

To participate all you need is a Coodash login.

New users can sign up at the below link, with the company reference ‘SML’:


You will receive your login details via email (don’t forget to check the spambox).

If you don’t have access to SML when you first login, stay online and refresh your browser periodically.  

For updates about when special sessions are occurring, sign up to the Blind Spot newsletter at the bottom of the page or join our Discord group and look out on the Spot Markets Live channel.

Spot Markets Live won’t work without scale, so please do spread the word!

(Everyone is contributing pro bono for now… If you want better quality sessions, sharper insight and better scoops, please do help us get the numbers up. The more numbers, the more appealing we are to sponsors.)