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Error alert! A key formula that underpins bank stability may be acting up (POLITICO)

By Izabella Kaminska · Jun 1, 2023 Protecting their business from interest-rate risk is supposed to be what banks specialize in. But a report from Goldman Sachs suggests the calculation most banks use to manage the process could be way off, due to an overestimation in how resilient their ‘deposit franchises’ are to rising interest […]

The race to govern the Bank of Italy is on (POLITICO)

By Ben Munster · May 30, 2023 ROME — Massive and imposing, Italy’s central bank looms behind a barbed perimeter of black iron and angular palm trees on the via Nazionale, minutes from Rome’s famous ancient heart. Built to project the economic potential of the new Italian state in the late 19th century, its grandeur […]