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ALTIF Transcripts: The Fall of Northern Rock, Part 1

For a few weeks in 2007, a small ex-building society in Newcastle became the world’s most famous bank as TV news cameras showed customers queuing at branches for their cash. Initially seen as a Victorian throwback, it later became clear that the collapse was a warning of much wider problems to come. As worrying tremors again […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript: 24/10/22

Comments addressing audience statements are in bold. Today’s session is with Dario Garcia Giner. Izabella Kaminska 11:58 .. Hello and welcome to this special edition of Spot Markets Live. It’s special because it’s the half term which means I’m currently trying to type while being stalked by a rabid four-year-old who refuses to turn off […]

In the Blind Spot (Germany, Finanzagentur, Andrew Bailey)

Business, Finance, Markets etc: German parliament approves giant fund to tackle energy crisis. If the UK bears a “moron premium” consider the degree to which Germany [exposed to the same degree of inflationary and stagnation risk] potentially carries an “obfuscation discount”. If I were an investor I would be more focused on what has not […]

Are the UK Upper Middle Classes Thinking Rationally?

I try to stay away from writing about Brexit as much as possible. People in the UK simply can’t think about the topic dispassionately or without going tribal. My general position on the whole thing is that both sides make good and bad points, but that the bigger issue is a failure to communicate with […]