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In the Blind Spot (Protests, Stockpiles, Bunds)

The Blind Spot was off on Monday commemorating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. In this edition of the wrap, we catch up on the news you may have missed during the mourning period (especially if you were in the UK). Econ, Business, Finance etc… Study by the Australia Institute suggests inflation is not wage-led, […]

NFTs and the One Precedent-setting Law Case That Can Make or Break Them

Or: Why Nfts Are Really a Market Structure Story. Oh Christ, we hear you say. Yet another piece on how NFTs are either worthless trash or the next best thing since sliced bread Yawn. In a field currently rife with crashing valuations, it seems the critics hold the upper hand. But what if everyone’s missed […]

Russia’s Decaying Sphere of Influence: Contested Resources

This is the first in an occasional series looking into Russia’s decaying sphere of influence. In this edition we take a closer look at the scale of contested resources in the region.  The Global and International Domain of Minero-Dollars What are the resources (or lack thereof) currently being battled over at the periphery of Russia’s […]