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Rationist No. 2: That mankind is programmed for political revolution

This is the second in a series of essays by Tim Ferguson, founder of the Anacyclosis Institute, arguing in favour of Rationism, a middle class-oriented political theory that advocates benchmarking the national economy against the national median household net worth. Izabella Kaminska has also described Rationism as Vitruvian Capitalism, based on its promotion of the […]

In the Blind Spot (Anti-fragmentation, NATO, crypto)

This edition of the Blind Spot Wrap was compiled by Izabella Kaminska (IK) and Dario Garcia Giner (DGG). Markets, finance, economics etc… The Fed decision was anything but a Volcker shock. Basel committee goes knee-deep into overseeing climate-related financial risk. The Tesla Hype Complex. What exactly is the ECB’s anti-fragmentation instrument? The Blind Spot will […]