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The Mariupol steelworks are more important than you realise

The last stand over the steelworks of Mariupol is more significant than most people appreciate. The thing about former Soviet steelworks is that they’re fairly unique in the world due to their scale. The capitalist system has never been able to produce equivalents due to the uneconomic upfront costs. Yet the scale has brought unique […]

Why Europe’s sanction dilemma is a “ransom-fuel” problem

Editor’s note:  Sunday’s newsletter suffered a version control issue so a number of errors were accidentally sent out. A corrected version of the affected story is reprinted below. —————— As the week draws to a close (and Germany remains as reticent as ever about banning Russian gas imports), I find myself thinking about this chart: […]

How about a Vitruvian capitalist reset?

Editor’s note: In this third post of a multipart series, Tim Ferguson, founder of the Anacyclosis Institute, outlines a new approach to political economy named rationism, which I like to describe as “Vitruvian Capitalism”. Solving precarity without aggravating dependency The first post in our Anacyclosis series concluded that: The diffusion and reconcentration of wealth dictates […]