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“Without synthetic fertiliser billions of people would never have been born”

ADM is one of the world’s biggest food processing and commodities trading companies. Weirdly, it tends to receive a lot less attention than some of its competitors like Glencore and Cargill. Even less well known is the fact that ADM also has an investor services arm, which — among other things — offers commodity brokerage […]

Why “safe assets” may not exist anymore

An interesting point comes by way of veteran fixed income market watcher, Marc Ostwald, of ADM Investor Services, in his latest quarterly publication “Ghost in the Machine”. It caught my eye because of how it aligns with my own thesis about the end of dollar neutrality. As Ostwald notes: If everything can be weaponised, as […]

In the Blind Spot (Gosplan, Falklands, Chelsea)

Finance, Markets, economy etc… Vanity Fair deep dives into the Dan Loeb school of activist investing. Serena Williams, Lewis Hamilton join former Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton’s consortium to buy Chelsea football club. Israel adds China’s yuan for the first time ever while cutting its dollar holdings in biggest currency reshuffle in a decade. Rana Foroohar […]