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In the Blind spot on Tuesday (Eurodollars, Roubles, Inflation)

Finance, markets etc… A chart to behold, courtesy of Steve Englander at Standard Chartered: As Englander notes in his Tuesday commentary: …the Eurodollar rates curve two to three and two to four years out is more inverted than it has been at any point over the past 33 years. This is usually the sign of […]

Is the Barclays ETN fiasco a “create-to-lend” story?

Short answer I don’t know. But it’s worth considering. As it stands Barclays’ ETN losses are being talked about all over the shop. Bloomberg‘s Matt Levine suspects they’re down to a clerical error by a mid-level securities lawyer who forgot to tick a box in a regulatory filing. Others like new Alphaville editor Robin Wigglesworth […]