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WW3 Watch: ESG fallout

Haven’t verified this, but someone told me this is the single biggest down move in the EUA futures market ever: What does it mean? Probably that our priorities are shifting. Rapidly. National security-backed fiat money will be taking over from moral money in the near future (and hopefully we won’t be looking to 16-year old […]

The OSINT Blind Spot

It started as the Blind Spot development Telegram chat but it’s now become a war-talk chat. In time it will evolve again. For now, though, if you want to be part of the OSINT Blind Spot community do join us on Telegram here. There is talk afoot of moving to Discord soon-ish. For now, and […]

YDANGH* Watch: Russian exploding ETF AUM edition

*YDANGH = Your Dengi Are No Good Here. (In case you were wondering) Hat tip to Blonde Money’s Helen Thomas for flagging the below from Bloomberg: That ETFs bearing Russian equity or bond exposure are having an issue is no secret. Even FTAV is on it ?. The key bit to highlight, however, is the “create-to-lend” […]

WW3 Watch: Blind Spot OSINT (01/03/2022)

The Blind Spot Telegram community has turned from development talk to war talk. It’s a valuable little group for keeping an eye on events. But info is flowing way too rapidly. Since bandwidth is becoming a problem for me, which impacts my capacity to do HUMINT, I’ve made a call for volunteers to help me […]

WW3 Watch: Fintech factors

Inquiring minds want to know what’s what with Revolut, the British challenger bank with a reputation for saying “yes you can definitely have an account”. Talk at a Polish City Club event last night flagged the prominent display of a pro Ukrainian graphic on Revolut’s Twitter account and the impassioned statement put out by founders: […]

WW3 Watch: The Polish perspective

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Polish City Club event in honour of professor Zbigniew Pelczynski, hosted by a number of prominent Poles from the London diaspora. Also attending was Poland’s new ambassador to the UK, Piotr Wilczek, Greg Hands, the UK minister of state for business, energy and clean growth and […]