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Rise of the countercrypto influencers

A quick note to flag that I am moderating a panel with Ben McKenzie, the actor, and Jacob Silverman, the journalist, at the inaugural nocoiner conference, a.k.a the Crypto Policy Symposium, which is happening on Sept 5. I just did a short pre-interview with Ben and Jacob, so I’ve got the scoop on the fact […]

Crypto reflexivity and the ultimate stablecoin reading list

The day of reckoning so many naysayers warned the stablecoin market would eventually experience has finally arrived. In some respects, the shakeout is probably a good thing. We need to see these aspiring systems fail in controlled ways to understand the scope of their potential contagion if they were ever to get huge and thus […]

Why Canada is cultivating an M-pesa moment for bitcoin

As mentioned the other day, I am on the go this week due to it being half term. Nonetheless, I wanted to quickly draw readers’ attention to the following Globe and Mail piece by Tim Kiladze, mostly because it quotes me. For those who don’t know, the Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s most […]