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Sneak peek at POLITICO’s Morning Central Banker


As long-term readers will know, the Blind Spot operates in collaboration with Politico, where I am senior finance editor four days a week. In that guise, I’ve helped to launch an incredible new product, edited by Geoffrey Smith, focused on Central Banking (with a focus on the European Central Bank and the Bank of England specifically). The daily newsletter goes out every morning at 6 a.m. UK time, and is jam-packed with useful and actionable info.

And, well, because I think we’ve done some great work this week, and the message still needs to get out that there’s a new newsletter in town that doesn’t suck up to the powers that be aims to be properly independent, I thought I’d upload this week’s stash of emails for your perusal (for free) in PDF form.


Morning Central Banker Monday July 3

Morning Central Banker Tuesday July 4

Morning Central Banker Wednesday July 5

Morning Central Banker Thursday July 6

Morning Central Banker Friday July 7


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