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Reader thoughts on a Substack migration for The Blind Spot?

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I’ve wasted most of my precious Saturday messing about with the world’s worst content management system in an attempt to recover a failed newsletter send-out this weekend.

The final insult is that the email still went out with ridiculous spacing errors, half-eaten or garbled text and suboptimal text distribution …

If I have to wait another moment for a cursor to move due to system-wide under provisioning, or suffer a formatting displacement on the whole post because of an html-induced error introduced by a quoted section, I think I will scream.

I’m thinking it’s time to bite the bullet.

It’s not WordPress that’s the problem. It’s Mailchimp. It’s terrible. The functionality is crap. The text formatting options are way too limited and only being able to schedule newsletters on the hour is ridiculous.

So, long story short, I’m thinking of moving to Substack. And/or finding an alternative to Mailchimp. If anyone knows of any let me know.

Feedback appreciated.


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  1. Passport – https://stratechery.com/2021/passport/

    Not sure if you are familiar with Ben Thompson’s Stratechery, but he has created a software platform from the ground up to build out his newsletter and podcast offerings all the while maintaining his independence. As a user it’s a great experience, it just works, but cannot speak to how it would integrate into your work flows.

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