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BoE ramps up preparations for normalizing long-term repos (POLITICO)

By Geoffrey Smith, July 22 The Bank of England is raising the pressure on banks to get ready for the moment when things start to get tough. Banks should ensure that they are ready to borrow at scale through the BoE’s various facilities before its steady withdrawal of excess liquidity starts to create volatility in […]

Techies, meet J.D. Vance (POLITICO)

By Mallory Culhane, with help from John Hendel, Steven Overly and Brendan Bordelon TECHIES, MEET J.D. VANCE — The official Republican candidate for vice president was elected to the Senate in 2022 with a $10 million infusion from PayPal founder and tech billionaire Peter Thiel. But his relationship with Thiel and the broader tech world […]

Meet Germany’s Lord of the Drones (POLITICO)

By Gian Volpicelli · Jun 20, 2024 Florian Seibel has seen the future of war — and it has robots in it. He now wants to convince Ukraine — and Europe — that they need to embrace autonomous weapons. A former helicopter pilot in the German army, 44-year-old Seibel is the chief executive of Quantum […]

A (not so) brief ‘criminal’ history of the ECB (POLITICO)

 By Johanna Treeck, Carlo Boffa · May 28, 2024   FRANKFURT – Malta’s central bank chief Edward Scicluna was formally charged with fraud and misappropriation in court this week, joining an illustrious group of European Central Bank policymakers who have faced criminal charges, convictions or even jail time. Most such brushes with the law relate […]

EIB, Brussels hatch plan to reduce defense investing stigma (POLITICO)

By Bjarke Smith-Meyer · May 16, 2024 There are four “sin stocks” that most European lenders won’t touch: Gambling, pornography, tobacco and weapons. But morality is a luxury many cash-strapped EU finance ministers can no longer afford as Russia pursues its war of attrition in Ukraine. Starved of weapons, policymakers across the bloc and in […]

Better collateral pre-positioning regime could have saved Credit Suisse (POLITICO)

By Izabella Kaminska · (First published on Politico Pro, Apr 25, 2024) Banks need to pre-position as much collateral as possible at the central bank to avoid regulators being caught out by illiquid and unacceptable assets, such as yachts or ships, former Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker told a high level central banking […]

Not so fast, Ireland’s Makhlouf warns ECB doves (POLITICO)

WASHINGTON — Ireland’s central bank governor pushed back strongly against colleagues looking to lock in a sequence of interest rate cuts in the second half of the year, stressing that the uncertainties around the economy are still far too great. “It is speculating a bit too far to say ‘I feel confident enough about the […]

How Dresden became Germany’s Chips City (POLITICO)

By Pieter Haeck · Mar 26, 2024. This article is part of a special report, The New Factory Towns. DRESDEN, Germany — If Europe’s best manufacturing days are behind it, no one told Dresden. The eastern German city and Saxon capital has become an industrial stronghold, with a world-class microchip manufacturing sector that is attracting […]