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Spot Markets Live, 14/12/23 (Powell’s palumbine, Ethereum vs. Bitcoin, Ammo crisis)

JR = Julian Rimmer (Resident Boomer and former EM markets pro, turned writer.) DGG = Dario Garcia Giner (Resident Zoomer and former corporate investigations pro turned meme stock-watcher and in-house drone expert.) ChatGPT Provided TLDR Fed’s Rate Castaways: Market reactions to the Fed’s bond decisions. Powell’s Policy Perspectives: Rate cuts, yield curve analysis, oh my! […]

Europe’s bonfire of the vaccines (POLITICO)

By Carlo Martuscelli, Hanne Cokelaere · Dec 14, 2023 “Be prepared,” goes the scout motto. The European Union is discovering there is such a thing as being too prepared. An analysis by POLITICO reveals that at least 215 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines purchased by EU countries during the pandemic now lie in landfills across […]