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In the Blind Spot (Nanu nanu — Loyalty sovereign debt — HODL multiplier)

Greetings, dear subscribers. Given the “we are not alone” UAP news this week, I’ve let Dario loose on his favourite subject in today’s newsletter, as there is nobody I know who has a more authoritative, informed and critical-minded understanding of the area than him. And there’s no doubt it’s a blind spot topic. He’s also […]

The biggest aerial safety blind spot facing our skies may be UAP

The Blind Spot’s Dario Garcia-Giner probes just how big a deal UAPs are for the safety of our skies and what authorities across the world are doing to track the phenomena. An exhaustive months-long investigation reveals the risk is on the way to being treated more seriously by civil and military aviation institutions — a robust about-turn after decades of pretending it didn’t exist.