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In the Blind Spot (Hyper-capitalism, Drones, UAP)

Dear readers; Izabella is off this weekend conferencing around Europe, and as such has left the Blind Spot Wrap in the shaky hands of Dario. As such, the notes below are dangerously unsupervised and prone to the arrogance and over-intellectualisation typical of inexperienced under-30s. Please bear them with patience. Media & Market Matters Greek renewable […]

Rationist No. 6: That Extreme Wealth Concentration is the Grim Reaper of Democracy

This is the sixth in a series of essays by Tim Ferguson, founder of the Anacyclosis Institute, arguing in favour of Rationism, a middle-class-oriented political theory that advocates benchmarking the national economy against the national median household net worth. Izabella Kaminska has also described Rationism as Vitruvian Capitalism, based on its promotion of the values […]