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UAP Theories and the Sample Size Problem

Headlines filled with news of falling currencies and gilts have obscured other (other)worldly developments. We at The Blind Spot aim to redress these ills. On September 27, a US intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation, posted a logo on its website that included a flying saucer. This tongue-in-cheek sketch was quickly erased once […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript: 05/10/22

Today‚Äôs Spot Markets live session is with Ben Harrington, the founder and editor of Betaville. Comments from Izabella and Ben that address audience questions have been put in bold. Izabella Kaminska 11:57 … Hello and welcome to Spot Markets Live The whirlwind tour of the markets. Exciting day today… as it’s the last chance to […]

In the Blind Spot (Students, Burkina Faso, Troll Bots)

Media & Market Matters: Paul Krugman on how the affordability crisis worsened due to the increasingly popular remote working trend. Elon agrees to buy Twitter in line with original terms, but there is a lot of intrigue behind the scenes. Nobody can ever be sure about what the billionaire rocket man is really up to. […]