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Who Got Inflation Right and Who Got it Wrong? The Longlist

Not all inflationary price increases are created equal. Though inflation is universally understood, its underlying causes and historical manifestations continually mutate. For the Ancient Romans, a massive military apparatus weighed down on the coffers of the Empire, leading to a brutal debasement of their golden aurei, and both silver coins, the larger silver denarii and […]

In the Blind Spot (Human rights, Wikileaks, Coinbase)

This edition of the Blind Spot Wrap was compiled by Dario Garcia Giner (DGG) and Izabella Kaminska (IK). Economics, Finance, Markets etc. Alena Douhan, a UN Special Rapporteur on the impact of coercive measures on human rights, has urged banks and financial institutions not to over-comply sanctions regimes due to their impact on human rights. […]

Spot Markets Live Transcript: 15/08/22

Today‚Äôs Spot Markets live session is with Dario Garcia, the Blind Spot’s assistant editor, who formerly worked as a corporate investigator for Kroll. Comments from Izabella and Dario that address audience questions have been put in bold Izabella Kaminska 10:59 Hello everyone! Is there anybody out there? Sorry I seem to have some weird delay […]

When high profile mercenaries have opinions about markets, and more

It’s a year since the US de facto transferred power to the Taliban in Afghanistan, in an absolute shambles of an exit. Could it have been different? One man who has some opinions is Erik Prince, the founder of the private military contracting company known as Blackwater. For the most part, Prince is a man […]